What is a Pollution | Types of Pollution | Ways To Stop Pollution


What is Pollution


The earth’s environment lends the most favorable conditions for different forms of life to exist. In our environment , there is a very delicate balance between all the elements like breathing air in the form of oxygen , clean water , cultivable land which produces food items for us etc. Unfortunately , this delicate balance is getting terribly disturbed by the contamination of natural resources like air , water , soil , etc . This contamination is called pollution.

What is a Pollutant

Any substance that causes the degradation of an element from its natural condition is called a pollutant. Any agent that causes pollution is called a polluter. Mankind is the biggest polluter of the environment today due to its insensible activities.

Types of Pollutions

Air Pollution


The mixing of harmful gases such as carbon-dioxide , carbon monoxide , sulphur- dioxide along with the dust particles in air causes air Pollution. Human activities , industries and vehicles are the main agents of air Pollution . Some natural causes of air Pollution are volcanic eruption and forest fires.

Trees are the natural purifiers provided by our environment as they absorb carbon dioxide and releases Fresh oxygen into the environment . But , excessive deforestation has hampered the process of purification of air in a dangerous manner.

Ozone layer is an important factor in stopping the harmful deseases , skin problems and even Cancer . It is depleting very fast due to the overuse of CFCs ( Chlorofluorocarbons ) and many other Pollutant gases . Big holes. In the ozone layer have been observed by the scientist.

Some of the important steps that can be taken in the direction of curbing air Pollution are listed below:
  • Dependency on burning fossil fuels should be reduced. Cleaner energy resources like solar energy and wind power should be harnessed.
  • Vehicular Pollution should be controlled by using cleaner fuels like CNG.
  • More and more trees should be planted.
  • Burning of plastic waste should be strictly avoided because it leads to the emission of poisonous gases.

Water Pollution


When the water sources get contaminated , it is called water Pollution . Water is polluted due to human activities . Industrial and household wastes are released into the water which cause pollution . Other activities like washing clothes or bathing animals in Rivers in rural area also cause Water Pollution . Water is also polluted by the soil and water particles brought by the stroms . Sometimes leakage from oil tank also pollute water.

Polluted water is harmful for living organisms. Both aquatic and non-aquatic animals depend on water for survival. The polluted water can cause many disease like jaundice , gastroenteritis , typhoid etc . So , immediate steps are required to stop water Pollution.

Ways to Stop Water Pollution :
  • All Chemical wastes Should be treated and then only disposed off at designated places.
  • Municipal authorities must treat all the sewage wastes to minimise water contamination.
  • Disposing of dead bodies and other human wastes directly into Rivers should be discouraged and prohibited.
  • Bathing or washing clothes in the rivers must be discouraged as soaps and detergents leave too many harmful chemicals in water.

Soil Pollution


We cannot survive without food. But , the kind of food we get may contain poisonous substance transferred from the chemical fertilizers , pesticides , insecticides , chemical wastes from industries etc.

When we consume such food , it may cause many deadly disease . Not only this , tons and tons of solid wastes are buried under the ground everyday . This is another major cause of Soil Pollution.

Few important steps needed to be taken immediately :
  • There should be a proper waste disposal system.
  • The use of plastic and polythene items should be minimised and they should not be buried under the gound . Recycling of these products should be promoted as much as possible.
  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers , herbicides and pesticides should be discouraged. In palce of these , organic products should be used that do not pollute the soil or do not contaminte the food chain.
  • More and more trees should be planted to minimise soil erosin and reduce Pollution.

Noise Pollution


Industrial areas are more prone to noise Pollution. The pressure of noise in the atmosphere is called sound or noise Pollution. Human beings can hear the softest sound with an intensity of 20 descibels is harmful for human ears.

The noise Pollution is mainly caused by the vehicles , aeroplanes , loudspeakers , machines and loud music.

The Excessive noise Pollution is also a potet threat not only to the peace and tranquility of our mind but also for our health .

Immediate steps have to be taken to minimise the noise Pollution as much as we can :
  • We must not play music very loudly
  • We should not encourage blaring loudspeakers in public functions and celebrations.
  • We shouly try to discourage burning of loud firecrackers on festivals like Diwali . It is a major cause of noise and air Pollution and fire related accidents .
  • We must discouraged the use of excessive honking of horns while driving. Some people use pressure horns in vehicles for fun. This is not only illegal but also a reason for trouble to others.


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