Sense Organs | Functions of Sense Organs | How to Care Sense Organs


Our SENSE ORGANS are our special force . They help us perceive our external world. It is our sense organs which provide information to our brain through sight , smell , touch , sound , and taste.

This helps the brain to decide and act accordingly.

For example – As you smell French fries , the brain signals the mouth to water . Aa you hear the horn of a car , your brain signals your body to move.


Our eyes open our vision to the world. They also express our feelings of joy , anger , sadness , etc. Our eyes helps us judge size , colour and distance.

Eye Care

Our eyes are very sensitive to light and dust particles. We should take good care of this delicate gift.

  1. Never sit before a TV or computer for long hours.
  2. Wear sunglasses or carry an umbrella while going out in the sun.
  3. Never read in dim light or in a moving vehicle.
  4. If you face problems like watery eyes , reading difficulties , etc., Immediately consult an eye specialist.
  5. A healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables , carrots , mangoes , etc., Takes care of eyes very well.


The nose helps us to smell. It helps us to taste. We often lose appetite when we have a cold. This is because a blocked nose cannot smell or help us taste the food.

Nose Care

  1. Use a soft cloth to clean your nose everyday after a bath.
  2. Never blow your nose very hard.
  3. Inhaling steam under adult supervision provides instant relief from cold.
  4. Doctors also suggest nasal drops for a blocked nose.
  5. Foods rich in vitamins C build immunity against common cold.


They help us hear. We can also judge the distance and direction of sound . People in villages can clearly identify the birds by their sounds.

Ear Care

  1. Always clean your ears with a soft cloth or a cotton bud after a bath everyday.
    Do not prick your ears with pencils , hair pains or other sharp objects.
  2. Unless prescribed by a doctor , do not put anything like oil or drops in your ears.


Our tongue help us identify the various tastes and flavours of our food. It is also helps the teeth to chew food properly by moving the food from one side to another. The tongue also helps us gulp down our food.

Tongue Care

  1. We should use a tongue cleaner to clean our tongue , every time we brush.
  2. We Should not walk while eating as we may bite our tongue.
  3. We should not drink very hot drinks as they might burn our tongue and also cause loss of taste.


The skin helps us to feel and differentiate between hot and cold , soft and hard , rough and smooth , etc.

Touch and Emotions

Touch is directly related to the emotions we feel. We all come to know the feelings of our parents with their touch. Our mothers gently rub our shoulders to express their love. They sometimes also slap us when they are angry.

Yha pr images emotion of love and emotiona of anger

Skin care

  1. We should bathe regularly and even twice a day in hot-humid weather with a medicated soap.
  2. We must oil our skin in winters to keep it moist.
  3. We should wear clothes a according to the reason to avoid rashes on skin.
  4. A healthy diet including fruits , Vegetables and salads keeps our skin glowing . We should also have lots of water and lemonades.
care of sense organs


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