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Types of Plants : We can not think about the world without Plants. We see a variety of plants around us . Some are big and some are small.



Very big and tall plants are called trees. They have thick stem called trunk. Trees have many branches. Their roots reach deep inside the Earth. They live for many years.


Some plants are smaller than trees. Their stem and branches are hard. They are called shrubs. They live for few years.


Very small plants with soft stems are called herbs.


Some plants have weak stems. They need a support to stand straight. They are called climbers.

money plant


Some plants with weak stems creep along the ground. They are called creepers.

pumpkin plant

Parts of a plant

A Tree has many parts

parts of plants

Buds : These grow into flowers.
Flowers : Flowers change into fruits.
Fruits : These contain seeds.
Leaves : Leaves make food for the whole plant.
Stem : It carries water , minerals and food to different parts of the plants.
Roots : They take in water and minerals from the soil. They also fix the plant into the soil.


Plants are very useful to us. We get many things from plants.

Plants Give us Food

We eat different parts of Plants as food.

  • We eat roots of some plants like radish.
  • We eat stems of some plants like sugarcane.
  • We eat leaves of some plants like spinach.
  • We eat fruits of some plants like mango.
  • We eat seeds of some plants like peas.
  • We eat flowers of some vegetables like cauliflower.

Plants Give Us Fibre

We get cotton and jute from plants. We use cotton fibres to make cotton clothes. We use fibres to make ropes and bags.

Plants Give Us Food

Wood of trees like teak , sal and deodar is used to make furniture like tables , chairs, doors and windows.

More Uses of Plants

Let us see some more things we get from plants :



Coconut oil , Groundnut oil , sunflower oil ki image.


Lily perfume , Jasmine perfume, rose perfume ki image


Rubber tyre, eraser , rubber mats ,ki image


Tea , coffee ki image


Black pepper , cloves , turmeric ki images


Paper is made from the stem of bamboo tree


The grass is used as fodder for animals.

Plants not only give us different things but they also make the air fresh. They make our world beautiful. Plants are also home to many animals like birds, monkeys and squirrels.

Plants Give us oxygen ( gas). We all need oxygen to breathe and live.

Always remember that without plants life will not be possible.
We should take care of plants around us.
We should not write on trunk of trees.
We should not pluck branches and Flowers.


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