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What is Neighbourhood

What is Neighbourhood : The area around our house is known as our neighborhood. The people living in the neighborhood are our neighbours. A good neighborhood has all important places and services that make our life comfortable.

Our neighborhood consists of
All the places around our house.
People who stay around our houses

Our neighbours help us in emergency. Neighbours celebrate special occasion together. We get things of our daily use from our neighborhood.

Let us learn about some places in our neighborhood Places.



A local market has many shops which sell different things of daily use.

  • From a grocery shop we get food items and things of daily use .
  • From a Chemist shop we get medicines.
  • A stationery shop sells notebooks , pens , pencils , erasers , etc.
  • A confectionery sells cakes or other sweet foods.


We go to the hospital when we are sick or injured. There are many doctors and nurses in a hospital. A doctor treats sick and injured people. A nurse looks after them , when they have to stay in hospital. Some neighborhood have a doctor’s clinic called dispensary.


People deposit their money in a bank. They can also borrow money from the bank. This is called a loan.

Post Office

We can send and receive Letters and parcels through the post office. The postman brings letters from post office to our houses . We get postcards , stamps and stamped envelopes here. We send money from one place to another through a facility called money order .

Police Station

A police station is a place where the police work. Policemen take care of our neighborhood. They catch thieves and robbers and put them in jail. They maintain law and order. They also serach for lost people or things.

Fire Station

A fire station has a fire brigade. We call up the fire station there is a fire. Fire fighters travel in red fire-engines to put out a fire .


A park has many plants and footpaths. It also has swings and see-saws for the enjoyment of children. Children go to park to play. Many people go there to walk.

Places of Worship

Different people go to different places of worship to pray. Most of these places of worship for example – temples , mosques , gurudwaras and churches are there in a neighborhood.


School is a very important service provided in any neighborhood. Children’s go to school to learn , read and write. They also learn many good habits. So we see there are many places in our neighborhood. We depend on these places to live our life comfortably. We should keep our neighborhood clean.

Rebuild your memory

  1. The area around our house is known as our neighborhood.
  2. A good neighborhood has many places such as a market , hospital , bank , post office , police station , fire station and park.


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