My motherland | Essay On My Motherland | India | Short Paragraph


-Patriotism is love and pride for one’s motherland .
-We love our mother ( INDIA ) than our lives.

  1. India is my motherland.
  2. I am proud of my motherland.
  3. I love my country.
  4. I was born in India.
  5. I live on it’s Soil.
  6. It provides for all my needs.
  7. It Protects me in every way.
  8. We all love and respect our country India. It is very big and beautiful.
  9. People of different cultures and religions live here and all of them are called Indians. This is because we belong to the same country India.
  10. Our country is like a mother to us and we call it our motherland.
  11. Every country has a flag . The Indian flag has three colours – saffron , white and green . We must always show a great respect to our flag.
  12. You must have seen the Indian flag being put up at the school and other places on Independence Day ( 15th August ) and Republic Day ( 26th january ) .
  13. We also have a National anthem. It is sung for love and respect towards India. We should always stand up in attention whenever we sing or hear our national anthem.
  14. All children must learn the National anthem.
  15. Being a good child , study hard and keep your surroundings clean , you can show your love towards the country.

One who does not love his motherland is like a dead man


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