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What is Graphical User Interface

The Graphical Uer Interface GUI is one of the most revolutionary changes to occur in the evolution of the modern computing system .GUIs Can stimulate a very realistic view of a real , three- dimensional world.

Macintosh toolbox , Microsoft Windows and X-windows are some examples of GUIs.

Common features of GUIs

1.Secondary user-input devices. Usually a pointing device and typically a mouse.

  1. Point and shoot functionality under control of device , which cause screen menus to appear or disappear.
  2. Icons that represents files , directories and other applications and system entities.
  3. Dialog box , boxes , buttons , sliders , check boxes and many other graphical metaphors that let the programmer and user tell the computer what to do and how to do it.

Common Graphics User Interface :-

Pointer :

  • selecting objects on the screen
  • Moving objects around the screen
  • Merging several objects into another object

Pointer :

A Symbol that appears on the display screen and that you move to select objects and commands.

Bit-Maped Displays :

Bit-Maped Displays have advantage over character displays. bit displays characters-based displays screens.

Windows :

When a screen is split into several independent regions , each one is called a windows.

Menus :

A menu Displays a list of commons avaliable within an appliaction .

Dialog boxes

Dialog boxes allow more complex interaction between the user and the computer .

Functionality of Graphical User Interface :-

  • A Windowing System
  • An Imaging model ,
  • An Application Program Interface


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